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The Hot Girl Hot Sauces are XXTRA GLITTERY & SHIMMERY & THEY SMELL. FEEL. LOOK AMAZING! YOU'LL BE SMELLIN' FEELIN' LOOKIN' LIKE A SNACK! We've used plastic 5oz bottles to make sure they're purse ready!


Sexy Redd ( Pomegranates & Red Shimma): This is the ULTIMATE SULTRY SEDUCTIVE FRAGRANCE! She's a beautiful mauve sultry red. Infused with red glitta & shimma! Scented like a sweet sweet juicy pomegranate & a splash of cherries :) The ULTIMATE SEXYY SCENT! 


XXX ( Sugared Marshmallows & White Shimma): This the perfect, sweet, delicious EAT ME UP WORTHY Valentine's Day scent! Scented like sugared marshmallows & vanilla creme, infused with cindrella white shimma! 


Malibu Dream ( Tropical Fruits & Pink/ Purple Shimma): Everyone's FAVORITE SCENT is back! Very sweet, tropical fruits, like a tropical oasis! She's iconically pink, infused with magical purple & pink shimas. She's ICONIC! 

Valentine's Day Hot Sauce

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