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Melting Butters

As it is increasingly getting warmer outside Shanti babes, we CAN NOT control the weather. However, we can DO EVERYTHING IN OUR power to reduce the possibility of melting butter. With that being said, we can NOT guarantee NO MELTING BUTTERS. Please bear in mind, that this is a possibility during transit. We advise prompt removal from mailboxes, front porches, etc upon delivery. Suppose your butter does melt in transit. Simply allow it to naturally solidify at room temperature & continue use. If your butter is completely liquid, allow it to solidify at room temp. It will be slightly hardened, so to your preference remove the butter from the container and mix it with an electric mixer to return to its original fluffy consistency. Which can be quite fun;)
Due to our body butter being whipped, when melted they may appear "half full". This is not the case as the air pockets no longer exist in their liquid state.
If you do not want to risk a melted butter, consider ord
ering our body frostings or body oils that won't melt :)  


 We are no longer GUARANTEEING the correction of addresses. YOUR ADDRESS MOST BE CORRECT AT CHECKOUT. even if an email is sent by us. Therefore, be sure to input the CORRECT ADDRESS UPON CHECKOUT. If we send an email and there is no response. Your order will be canceled and refunded, minus a restocking fee up to *25% of the order. As your order would have already been packaged and prepared for shipment.   


There are no returns/exchanges STRICTLY due to sanitary reasons, so be vigilante as to what you order! All of our products are hand inspected throughly to ensure our products quality. 


All Sales are Final.

Item(s) being returned to us due to an invalid address.

You MUST ensure your shipping information is correct prior to finalizing your order. We are not liable for an incorrect address. If your package gets returned to us, due to an incorrect address. The order will be refunded (minus the shipping cost & up to a 25% restocking fee) once it is physically back in our possession.

Damaged/ Lost/ Stolen Product

We are not liable for any damaged/lost/stolen items. However, please contact us via
You will have 48 hours to do so, upon the delivery of your item. Please include extensive photos & videos of the damage.
So we can properly access the situation and cater to the problem to find the solution. 

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