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You aren't just getting skincare with this collection, but a true work of art. We collaborated with Ancient Lore Village, and filmed at thier STUNNING property! We brought this fairy tale to life! With stunning artwork on the box, so it feels as if you are getting an actual  fairy tale. And magical body butters to match! 




2oz Butters;


Calypso(blue shimma): Ahhh this fairy is scented like delicious, fruity, juicy MANGOS! Infused with blue shimma, and topped with a golden orange shimma!



Ophelia (purple+gold shimma infused): This fairy butter is an undeniable combo! An unexpected duo, that just...WORKS! Freshly blossomed lavender, intertwined with sweet sugary lemons. What’s so magical about this butter, is that we infused her with enchanted golden AND purple shimma!



Sweet Pea Lily ( green + purple/pink shimma infused): Ahhh our sweetest fairy of the bunch! She smells of a field of fresh flowers. With notes of sweet pea, watery pear & raspberry! Similar to B&BW fragrance.




Ambrosia (golden shimma infused): Our perfumey fairy, with beautiful notes of vanilla, sandalwood, cherry, creme anglaise. (Compare to VS Amber Rom. Fragrance.



Celeste (green shimma infused): This fairy is a subtle fruity floral dream!Scented like sweet, fresh, subtle cantaloupe intertwined with lilies.




The Enchanted Bundle

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