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You aren't just getting skincare with this collection, but a true work of art.You aren't just getting skincare with this collection, but a true work of art.Have you ever gotten a box of chocolates!? All different flavors & fillings! A sampler of chocolates if you will. Well, we created JUST that with our ICONIC box of butters sampler box! In this beautiful box contains, it contains,  6 Sexy Sultry SWEET Captivating Mouth-Watering DELICIOUS  2oz sampler butters!


2oz Butters;


Death By Lava Cake: This butter is intricately epic! To start, she's scented like a rich, moist, deep dark chocolate molten cake. Injected with our custom liquid chocolate!  Body Butter infused with our magical body oils. Making the texture out of the most divine creamy texture. She's then topped with our powdered sugar top. It's time to smell like an incredible desssert, while dipping into this desssert inspired masterpiece! 


Toasted Marshmallows & Vanilla Creme (shimma infused):  Scented like sugary, sweet, delicious toasted marshmallows, infused with vanilla creme. We've infused this butter with our custom blend of white shimmer, to represent the vanilla creme :) Then dusted her with a brown shimma to represent the perfect, toasted marshmallow. 


Red Velvet Cake: We took our time with this one... Another slow crafted, masterpiece. A moist rich red velvety cake is the scent for each red decatent layer. Next, we combined 3 unique scents to emmulate a cream cheese buttercream icing (which are the white layers). We then changed piping tips, to top off this creation with little buttercream dollops. Then lightly dusted this butter with a red velvet spinkled top. 



Candy Hearts: Ahhh take us back to the days where in elementary school we each recieved a  tiny little box of  those chalky, but sweet candy hearts. Exhanging cute sayings with friends, or maybe even a crush... We've taken that nostaglic scent, and encpsulated it in this beautiful butter.  Each butter is topped with a mini wooden heart with it's own cute saying. 



Chocolate Covered Strawberries: We've taken this iconic, classic, Valentine's Day sweet treat, and transformed it into an irresistible fragrance. Ripe, juicy, sweet strawberries, dipped into a warm decadent bathe of liquid dark chocolate. Then drizzled with a thin layer of white chocolate :) Yes, we hand-dipped each and every strawberry. Then hand drizzled each chocolate strawberry! 


Macaroons: We've taken this timeless french dessert, and transformed it into an eloquently piped body butter. You will either recieve a pink, blue, or yellow macaroon. Each colored layer is scented like a freshly baked sugar cookie. While the white filling in the center, is a houseblend of sweet sugared vanilla icing. 




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