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We’ve perfected this formula to emulate LITERAL soft serve ICE -CREAM! The perfect match to America’s favorite creamy, buttery, smooth, soft serve dessert! With a slight twist! We wanted to emulate the feeling of getting a pint of ice-cream at the store. When you rip open the seal, grab your spoon, and begin to dig into the ice cream.. Breaking into it, and the top’s a little hard… but once your spoon burst through that initial top layer.The softest, richest, creamiest ice-cream awaits beneath… That’s exactly how we made this formula! The perfect blend of soft serve, and hand dipped ice-cream! 


Glazed Doughnut: Freshly baked buttery doughnuts… you know those sugary sweet ones coated with cinnamon sugar?! Yess those ones right now you’re thinking of… this soft serve creme smells JUST LIKE THEM! Top notes of sugared doughnut with bottom notes of cinnamon sugar :)



Coconut Vanilla Frosting: We know our baddies want to be ICED OUT in all the shiny, finer things in life! This creme is inspired completely by a girl's best friends... DIAMONDS! This creme is infused with holographic glitter , and will have you DAZZLING LIKE A TRUE DIAMOND! Whilst smelling like a yummy coconut creme pie 🥥🥧 This is a slightly different coconut pie (ice me out) scent you’re used to…we switched her up in the perfect way!! :)



Coconut Lime Sorbet: the perfect summer scent! Crisp tropical coconuts 🌴 with a splash of fresh limes 🍋‍🟩 the perfect medley of… SUMMER! 




Dragonfruit berries (shimma infused): Your favorite Bronze fragrance, with a TWIST. She’s even more FRUITY! is a DELIGHTFULLY scented medley of dragonfruit, and a splash of mangoes! The ultimate SUMMER TROPICAL FRAGRANCE! Infused with bronzy shimma!



Sugar cookies: (Golden Shimma Infused): Buttery, Sugary, Soft Snickerdoodle’s! You know the ones… with crisp golden edges, with a soft gooey warm inside. Coated with a cinnamon sugar swirl!


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