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SPARKLING PEAR (Green Shimma Infused): A magical enchanted blend of juicy, crisp pears. Soaked in a bath of sparkling champagne. With floral & jasmine notes


Hot Apple Cider Doughnuts (Red Shimma Infused): Warm, sweet apple cider doughnuts. With a heavy dusting of magical cinnamon sugar. A strong delicious apple bakery scent!


Snickerdoodle (Golden Shimma Infused): Buttery, Sugary, Soft Snickerdoodles! You know the ones… with crisp golden edges, with a soft gooey warm inside. Coated with a cinnamon sugar dusting!


Cozy Coconut Christmas (White Shimma Infused): Creamed coconut, with sugary vanilla notes. Wafting of amber fruity creamy sweet notes. A scent that truly smells like a cuddle in a cozy fuzzy winter blanket right by a crackling fire.


VANILLA BEAN NOEL (blue shimmer): sugary sweet vanilla ice cream


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